Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Super Twist Pendant



    The super twist is the artist signature piece.  All of Oakwood’s jewelry is Sterling Silver hand finished and highly polished.  The result is all of the pieces surfaces are highly reflective, in some cases, as good or better than a mirror.  However, instead of being flat like a mirror the pendant surface are warped, twisted and in the case of the Super Twist this is accomplished in 3 dimensions.  This makes them very difficult to photograph, because they reflect everything and many artifacts show up in the pictures.  We attempt to give you an understanding of the piece by photographing it in a light tent to exclude reflections of the surroundings and to control the light reflected off of it.  In the middle photo we canted the piece to give you a different view but again protecting it from colors and images in the room by photographing in a light tent.  In the middle picture you can see color coming into the piece from and outside source giving it a yellowish glow in some area.


    It the photo on the far right you can see what happens when we allow all the room colors to reflect off  of  the part.  In this picture, we took no care to achieve a great picture we just took the picture with the light tent open.  Imagine how these pieces look in a room with colored lights as you might have at a dance, on stage or at Christmas.  As you move about the room the pendant twists, turns and its reflecting surface change direction and pick up other colors.  If you want to light up the room, put on your Oakwood Super Twist and take a little walk on the bright side.