Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Super Twist Earrings


    This is one of the most dramatic earrings to wear since it constantly changes color as you move through the room and change position.  This same piece is also offered as a pendant but because of popular demand we now also offer it as an earring. It is designed to reflect all light that strikes it back to the viewer.  The reflections from the picture on the right has been muted to give you an idea of how it looks without any color in the room.  It was taken in a light tent.  The picture on the right was photographed in an open room with a variety of colors from the ceiling, walls, drapes and the color of the clothes the that the photographer was wearing.  I\this picture is a more true representation of what it might look light being worn.  It will pick up the color of your hair and skin as well at other colors in the room.  Imagine this earring on stage, at Christmas party, or at a dance.  You will be impressed and so will he. Also available in pendant.