Handcrafted Jewelry

Acorn Pendant


Part Number: PD 1260512

 This Acorn pendant is very special.   For millennia, the Acorn has long been thought of by many cultures as a symbol of power, fertility, and survival. Even in ancient times by both Celtic and Roman cultures thought of the Acorn as a symbol of power. Some Scandinavian cultures today, currently translated these ancient beliefs as good luck for one who owns, carries or wears an Acorn.  The Acorn is believed to get its power from the Oak Tree.  The Oak Tree is thought to be the only tree to survive multiple lightning strikes and such power is passed to its seed, the Acorn.


Oakwood Studio has created an Acorn pendant through a faithful reproduction of an Acorn found on its own property.  Our wish is that it helps you capture the power, fertility, survival, and luck it is believed to represent.  All our best to you.